Individual Rights

Equal freedom for everyone is essential for human progress. We support the inherent inalienable rights of all people. The right to self-determination is the most fundamental right that exists. This begins with bodily autonomy. The right to bodily autonomy means the freedom to make decisions about one’s body, the freedom to pursue consensual relationships, and the freedom to engage in any kind of behavior, lifestyle, or activity a person finds fulfilling provided they are not endangering others. Individuals should be able to live as their authentic selves, free from persecution. This requires a commitment to upholding civil liberties, and actively fighting coercion and oppression in all forms, whenever or wherever it begins to manifest.

Personal & Economic Liberty

Personal liberty is the cornerstone of a free and just society. We believe that every individual should have the right to make their choices best align with their values and aspirations, and live authentically without undue interference from oppressive forces. Fundamentally, we believe in safeguarding personal liberty and promoting individual autonomy. An individuals’ right to self-determination necessarily means that people have an essential right to keep the products of their own labor. We believe in economic opportunity for all. Free movement of people, goods, services, and capital are the hallmarks of economic liberty. We are committed to strong protections for consumers, workers, and their community as individuals exchange within the market. We aim to tackle the root causes of economic problems by pursuing a system of property rights based on justice. Much of the economic inequality that we see today in modern society is a result of this injustice: the violent history surrounding the privatization of land and other natural resources, corporate welfare, and unaddressed distortions of the market caused by excessive government and big business.

Limited Government

We support a state small enough to be truly of, by, and for the people. We support the Bill of Rights and the preservation of our constitutional democracy. The purpose of government is to protect our rights and ensure that we receive essential services, so government at any level should be limited in scale and scope in order to have minimal interference in individuals’ lives. We support creating incentives for improving the quality of public services. Whatever our government does, should be done well. Policies that infringe on people’s freedom can come from federal, state, or even local government, so we always stand in opposition to abuses of power to protect individual rights and civil liberties at all costs.

Social Responsibility

Humankind has a duty to itself – we owe a commitment to the human species and betterment of society. It is our responsibility to ensure that each person may pull from our common good, and remove any obstacles preventing people from reaching their full potential in life. Therefore, we support a functional social safety net that can provide for the most vulnerable of our population in their times of need. We support the kinds of government relief necessary for stabilizing people’s lives and enabling them to determine their own destiny in order to achieve the American Dream.


Intersectionality is a crucial aspect of social justice that recognizes the overlapping identities and systems of oppression that individuals face. We believe in creating a society that is truly equitable and just, where anyone can thrive, without discriminatory barriers. To achieve this, we must acknowledge the complex intersections of race, gender, sexuality, ability, and class, among other factors. We advocate for policies and practices that prioritize and address these intersections, recognizing that the experiences of marginalized communities are interconnected and sometimes cannot be addressed in isolation.