DFC Newsletter – February 2023

About Us

The DFC is a pro-freedom caucus in the Democratic Party. We seek to achieve a more free human existence by promoting liberal values such as individual liberty and limited government through the influence of the Democratic Party.

Why The DFC?

Many different types of people are attracted to the Democratic Freedom Caucus. Tell us your story. Why did you decide to join the Democratic Freedom Caucus? What interested you the most? Feel free to write about why you think others should join the DFC, as well. Share as much or as little as you’re willing, whether that be a paragraph or an essay.

Running for Office in 2023/2024?

If you are a Democrat who is considering becoming a candidate for public office at any time during the 2023 or 2024 election cycles, we would be happy to consider you for an endorsement!

In The News

Ohio Train Derailment: Separating Fact From Fiction

Biden declares ‘Kyiv stands’ in surprise visit to Ukraine

Florida Senator proposes bill to ‘cancel’ Democratic Party in state

OpenAI Is Now Everything It Promised Not to Be: Corporate, Closed-Source, and For-Profit

26 million student loan forgiveness applications could be declined by the Supreme Court

Suggested Viewing

ACLU: Mapping Attacks on LGBTQ Rights in U.S. State Legislatures

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