DFC State Contacts:

DFC Facebook group:

DFC Facebook page:

Regional and State phone conferences
Ask your State Chair or Regional Representative

Meet in person at a local Democratic club:
Ask your DFC state chair if there are local DFC activists who attend a nearby Democratic club. Or, if you already participate in a local Democratic club, let the state chair know so he can refer others. Local Democratic clubs:  https://asdc.democrats.org/state-parties

Meet in person at a local Meetup.com group:
Ask your DFC state chair if there are local DFC activists who attend a nearby Meetup.com group, related to Democrats, politics, general discussion, or a philosophy group that discusses political issues. Or, if you already participate in a related Meetup.com group, let the state chair know so he can refer others. https://www.meetup.com/find

Guide for Activists:

Distribute DFC literature:
You can download a flyer from our website:

Help with an election campaign:
One of the ways to find which candidates in your state are oriented toward DFC views is to participate in the DFC email list, or our Facebook page (see above). If you know of a candidate whose views are compatible with those of the DFC, let us know.

Run for office:
If you are planning to run for office, please keep us informed, through the DFC email list or our Facebook group (candidates who have been endorsed by the DFC have priority on the Facebook group). Besides municipal, county, state, and national offices, in most states the most local office is that of Precinct Captain or Precinct Committee Person; a candidate only needs a small number of signatures from fellow Democrats in order to run, and voting for that office takes place in the primary election. The DFC Guide for Activists can also be useful for candidates (see above).

Participation in the DFC:
Anyone who agrees with the purpose of the DFC is welcome to participate, without having to be a formal member of the DFC.

Formal membership in the DFC:
Formal membership in the DFC is appropriate for some things, such as voting in DFC decisions, or serving as a representative of the DFC, such as a State Chair, Regional Representative, or National Committee member.

To be a formal member of the DFC (for voting, or serving as a DFC representative):
(1) be registered as a Democrat (or in states that don’t have party registration, find the nearest equivalent, such as having voted in the Democratic primary – you can ask the local or state Democratic Party);

(2) state that you agree with the DFC Principles; and

(3) be sponsored by the State Chair if your state has one, or otherwise by the Regional Representative – or if your region does not yet have a Regional Representative, then be sponsored by a member of the DFC National Committee.

Dues are not currently required, but they may later be required for formal membership.