Why I joined the Democratic Party and the Democratic Freedom Caucus

By Robert Enders

There are two reasons to get involved in activism and politics. One reason is because you want your community, your country, and/or the world as a whole to become a better place. The other reason is because you want to keep things from getting worse. Both are valid reasons; a car needs brakes as much as it needs an engine.

I became a Democrat in 2021 because I wanted to keep this country from getting worse. It is very apparent to me that Trump was involved in organizing the mob that stormed the Capitol. Their goal was to coerce Congress into accepting Trump as a dictator. Many Republicans continue to dispute these facts, because they ultimately want Trump to try to seize power again. They know their ideas are unpopular, so they are ready to embrace violence as a means to stay relevant.

They rationalize violence by their own side by noting that the Founding Fathers violently revolted against English rule.  But they fail to note the part of the Declaration of Independence that says “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes…“ That means you shouldn’t resort to violence over trivial matters. You don’t bulldoze city hall over a zoning dispute, you don’t kidnap the governor over mask mandates, and you don’t storm the Capitol just because you lost an election. This country is at a point where a lot of voters and elected officials need remedial education in basic civics.

I joined the Democratic Freedom Caucus because I want to make things better. I want to end the War on Drugs. This will help reduce violent crime and police brutality. I want to live in a country that embraces new ideas and new technologies.

Republicans and certain third party activists like to talk about freedom too. But American ideas about freedom depend on maintaining a civilized society; otherwise we’d all just move out into the woods and live as hunter-gatherers. And you kind of lose your power to go on a rant on the Internet if you don’t have a place to charge your phone. Maintaining a free, civilized society means maintaining infrastructure, protecting public health and sanitation,

A free society cannot be an ignorant society. Without a proper education, children run the risk of growing into adults who are easy prey for charlatans who play fast and loose with facts. Education doesn’t end with a diploma either; citizens have a responsibility to stay informed about current events, emerging technologies, and new developments in science.