Submitted by Rowan Tipping

The Democratic Freedom Caucus interested me originally due to the fact it contains the word Freedom… sadly the word Freedom has been misused and abused by the Right-Wing. I have been fortunate enough to be Vice President of my College’s Student Democrats Organization since 2021 and one thing I have observed is the increased support for Positive Liberties which I think this Caucus appreciates. I also believe it is important for Democrats to reclaim the idea of Freedom as we indeed are the ones working to defend it on all levels (Federal, State, and Local) from Protecting Trans Rights to Supporting Pro-Choice Policies to Combatting Book Bans in Schools and Libraries. I believe this Caucus will help make the case for the Democratic Vision of Freedom to the American Public which is becoming more and more essential, especially with the current state of our country which is going in a quite frightening direction. Excited to get more involved in this amazing caucus as well as community, and I recommend you join me as well if you share the vision.