DFC Endorses Andy LeCureaux

The Democratic Freedom Caucus (DFC) endorses Andy LeCureaux,
Democratic candidate for state representative in Michigan, District 27.

He has successfully been elected to city council four times (a position he currently holds), in non-partisan elections in Hazel Park near Detroit, and is now running for state representative.

Andy LeCureaux’s campaign views are compatible with the DFC’s approach. One of his campaign issues is to reform the kinds of regulations that hinder businesses and jobs. That fits in well with the DFC’s views – for example, there are many harmful types of regulations that favor special interests while preventing job creation and raising consumer prices.

His campaign platform also takes a stand on allowing people to use medical marijuana and other herbal medicines; and he supports Constitutional gun rights versus the kinds of gun control laws that do more harm than good.

Andy LeCureaux is practical and open-minded – he is the kind of person who looks for the best approach for addressing issues.

Contact information for Andy LeCureaux’s campaign:

Friends of Andy LeCureaux
23440 Tawas
Hazel Park, MI 48030

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