DFC endorses Seth Piccirillo for mayor of Niagara Falls, NY

Saturday, June 15th, 2019

The Democratic Freedom Caucus (DFC) endorses Seth Piccirillo, Democratic candidate for mayor of Niagara Falls, NY.

Piccirillo advocates the kind of practical tax reform that the DFC is for: the land value tax shift, which has been shown to work in other cities.

He has been active in local and state government for 13 years, starting as a City Hall intern, and has been Director of Niagara Falls Community Development for the past six years.


DFC endorses Mark Ludwig for Michigan state representative, 80th district

Saturday, November 3rd, 2018

DFC endorses Mark Ludwig for Michigan state representative, 80th district.

Mark supports the kind of tax reform the DFC advocates, and is a Regional Representative of the DFC, for the Northeast Central Region.

campaign Facebook page:

campaign website:

DFC Endorses Fayrouz Bazzi for City Council in Dearborn, Michigan

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

The Democratic Freedom Caucus (DFC) has endorsed Democratic candidate Fayrouz Bazzi for City Council in Dearborn, Michigan.

Fayrouz Bazzi’s campaign platform includes the kind of practical tax reform the DFC advocates, and which the Michigan Municipal League has endorsed. Bazzi also advocates humane, effective alternatives for dealing with the drug problem – her innovative view on that issue is also compatible with the DFC’s policies.

campaign Facebook page:

Democratic Freedom Caucus Endorses Herb Riede for City Council in Meadville, PA

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

The Democratic Freedom Caucus (DFC) has endorsed Democratic candidate Herb Riede for City Council in Meadville, PA.

Herb Riede is in favor of the kind of practical tax reform the DFC advocates, as described in our Principles and Platform.

He has an impressive resume – his main background is in IT but he also has political experience, including as Mayor of McSherrystown, PA, 2005-09; Per Capita Tax Assessor, 2nd Ward, Meadville, PA, 2011-15; and Councillor, McSherrystown, PA, 2003-05.

Democrats tend to do well in Meadville, so Riede has a decent chance of winning the election, if he gets the word out.

If you send a donation, please include a note that says you were “referred by the Democratic Freedom Caucus (DFC)” or “referred by the DFC”.

Herb Riede’s Facebook page is:

Donations to Herb Riede’s campaign can be sent by PayPal,
from his campaign’s Facebook page, or from this link:

DFC Endorses Alanna Hartzok for Congress

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

The Democratic Freedom Caucus (DFC) National Committee has endorsed Alanna Hartzok for Congress, 9th district, Pennsylvania.

Hartzok’s campaign platform is compatible with the DFC’s – especially her stands on economic issues, where her views are for an alternative to the usual left and right.

She recognizes that, for a healthy economy, with job creation and alleviation of poverty, it’s essential to uphold the basic principles that labor and production should not be penalized, and that natural resources are a unique kind of property that needs to be treated differently from other property, because otherwise it skews the entire economy. She is also for cutting corporate welfare.

According to an interview in the Daily American newspaper in Pennsylvania, Hartzok was asked by the Franklin County Democratic chairman if she would run for the Democratic nomination. She says there are ways to take ideas from both the right and the left, which could make our  democracy work better.

Hartzok points out that an important aspect of the state’s wealth is its gifts from nature, and that we have to fairly share those gifts. Environmental rules and regulatory rules need to be enforced.

She is in favor of a policy similar to the Alaska Permanent Fund, in which revenue related to the oil industry is invested and some of the revenue is paid as a dividend to the state’s residents.

In the Democratic primary, Hartzok was  unopposed, and won the primary.

Contact information for Alanna  Hartzok’s campaign:
Hartzok for Congress
Box 346 Scotland, PA 17254

If you send a campaign contribution, let the candidate know you were referred by the Democratic Freedom Caucus (DFC).

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DFC Endorses Jim Wildoner for County Council

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

The Democratic Freedom Caucus (DFC) National Committee  has endorsed Jim Wildoner for County Council, District 3, Prince George’s County, Maryland.

On Wildoner’s campaign website it says: “Jim has adopted  the DEMOCRATIC FREEDOM CAUCUS platform
(www.democraticfreedomcaucus.org) because it generally states his political views on promoting social justice, individual liberty, constitutional democracy and fiscal responsibility.”

Wildoner has previously served as a Council Member for  New Carrollton, from 2003 to 2013, where he has held all positions on the council. He has a degree in Business Management and an MS in Finance.

Wildoner has indicated that he actually is not seeking endorsements for his campaign, because he wants voters to make up their own minds. “A Vote for Jim WILDONER for County Council will give you someone that is serving the  people (STP) not the government or special interest groups. Our campaign committee knows that when we receive 50.1% of the voters on June 24th then that will  be better ‘than 100% of the endorsements.”

Contact information for Jim Wildoner’s campaign:
P.O.Box 1244 Lanham, Md 20703.

online via Democracy.com:


DFC Endorses W. Lane Startin for Idaho State Treasurer

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

The Democratic Freedom Caucus (DFC) National Committee   has endorsed W. Lane Startin for Idaho State Treasurer.

Startin points out that what the incumbent state  treasurer did with “mortgage-backed securities” was  “irresponsible. A state treasury is not a hedge fund.   Investments should be in low-risk vehicles, especially  those with guaranteed rates of return.”

“In 2006, Idaho raised its sales taxes and cut its property taxes, a scheme which is proving to be  detrimental,” including its effect on encouraging harmful  land speculation. (The DFC agrees that decision was a  mistake. The DFC platform points out that it makes sense  to lower the property tax on buildings and improvements,  but the tax on the value of a location is similar to a  user fee for public services such as roads, police protection, schools, etc., which raise the value of land.  If that aspect isn’t there the result is large amounts  of land speculation, which leads to less job creation,   less affordable housing, and less affordable products  and services.)

As Startin notes, although the state treasurer doesn’t directly make decisions on such things as taxation, the person in that position can have an influence, by means  of having a “bully pulpit”.

Contact information for W. Lane Startin’s campaign:
W. Lane Startin for Idaho State Treasurer
1140 S. Phillippi St.  Boise, ID 83705-2621

DFC Endorses Mike Bozarth

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

The Democratic Freedom Caucus (DFC) endorses Democratic candidate Mike Bozarth for re-election in 2010 to the city council of St. Joseph, Missouri (population 71,900), representing the Third District.

Mike Bozarth advocates practical economic views that are fiscally responsible, and supports personal liberty issues. He reaches across the aisle and works in a constructive manner with city council members from both parties. Bozarth is the publisher and editor of the St. Joseph Telegraph, and has lived in the South Side of St. Joseph most of his life. He also serves as the DFC state chair for Missouri, and as a DFC National Committee representative.

DFC Endorses Andy LeCureaux

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

The Democratic Freedom Caucus (DFC) endorses Andy LeCureaux,
Democratic candidate for state representative in Michigan, District 27.

He has successfully been elected to city council four times (a position he currently holds), in non-partisan elections in Hazel Park near Detroit, and is now running for state representative.

Andy LeCureaux’s campaign views are compatible with the DFC’s approach. One of his campaign issues is to reform the kinds of regulations that hinder businesses and jobs. That fits in well with the DFC’s views – for example, there are many harmful types of regulations that favor special interests while preventing job creation and raising consumer prices.

His campaign platform also takes a stand on allowing people to use medical marijuana and other herbal medicines; and he supports Constitutional gun rights versus the kinds of gun control laws that do more harm than good.

Andy LeCureaux is practical and open-minded – he is the kind of person who looks for the best approach for addressing issues.

Contact information for Andy LeCureaux’s campaign:

Friends of Andy LeCureaux
23440 Tawas
Hazel Park, MI 48030

DFC Endorses Bill Richardson

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

The Democratic Freedom Caucus (DFC) endorses Democratic candidate Bill Richardson for president.

The DFC is a caucus in the Democratic Party, and promotes the values the Democratic Party was founded upon: individual liberty, constitutional democracy, and social responsibility.

As Democrats, we see that the Republican Party has strayed far from any respect for individual freedom, or any sense of realistic, practical policies, so we recommend voting in the general election for whichever Democratic candidate wins the primary, but we are convinced that New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson is the candidate who would best represent the Democratic Party in the presidential election.

Richardson’s campaign platform connects with many of the basic principles of the DFC, whose policy views emphasize: promoting the public interest rather than special interests; introducing incentives and customer choice for improving the quality and efficiency of public services; and upholding civil liberties.

Foreign Policy

Regarding Iraq, Richardson advocates redeploying troops so that we can address the real security threats, including the Taliban, terrorists who are still headquartered along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, and nuclear proliferation.

As Richardson points out, our courageous and dedicated troops “cannot win someone else’s civil war”, and “only when Iraqis know we are leaving will they start seeing us as partners, instead of occupiers”. In fact, “our presence fuels the insurgency”, so only when they see us moving toward a complete withdrawal will that give them “the incentive to kick out al Queda and heal their country”.

Bill Richardson also calls for engaging all of Iraq’s neighbors in stabilization, “in a regional conference modeled on the Dayton conference which ended the war in Bosnia.” “All of Iraq’s neighbors have an interest in preventing Iraq’s civil war from spiraling even further out of control….”

He advocates a new realism in foreign policy, “not unilateralist illusions”. We need to repair our alliances,which “means restoring respect and appreciation for our allies, and the democratic values which unite us.”

Richardson’s policies for healthcare, education, jobs, the economy, energy, agriculture, and education connect in several ways with the DFC’s approach of cutting subsidies to special interests, and recognizing the importance of incentives and choices in the economy, including introducing incentives and choice to public services, to improve quality and cost-efficiency. That approach is illustrated by the following examples of Richardson’s policies:|


Bill Richardson wants all Americans to “have choices of high quality, affordable care by giving every American the choice to keep their current coverage or obtain coverage through an existing, well-established program”. His plan “can be paid for without raising taxes”.

He advocates giving veterans “a choice of physicians wherever they live, rather than have to drive to the nearest VA facility just to get care”. And he would lower prescription drug costs by having the federal government negotiate prescription drug prices through Medicare.


Richardson “will oppose public tax dollars going to private schools, but will increase school choice with charter, magnet, and other public school options, as well as more flexible course options”.


Richardson points out that agriculture “has come to be dominated by a handful of massive corporate conglomerations, and the family farmer, the environment and American consumers suffer because of it.” … He would ensure that the market “functions as it is supposed to function through a new generation of antitrust legislation for the farm sector.”

Fiscal Discipline

Bill Richardson advocates fiscal discipline, to rein in wasteful, inefficient spending, “so that we may return to the budget surpluses we experienced during the Clinton Administration”. As Governor of New Mexico, Richardson consistently demonstrated fiscal responsibility.


To reduce our dependence on oil imports, Richardson would provide incentives for the electric and industrial sectors to make significant reductions in carbon emissions, and would “raise some revenue from sales of carbon permits”, as well as get out the “green scissors” to “cut back on wrongly-placed tax subsidies”. That “will create more than ten times as much value in the American economy by reducing our oil imports as we spend to make this program happen.”

Civil Liberties

Bill Richardson is a champion of civil rights, freedom, and the rule of law, including equal rights under law. For example, he supports equal rights for domestic partnerships. Richardson is for protecting the right to vote, by ensuring that every individual’s vote is counted, by such means as making the election system more transparent.

As Richardson points out, “America is too great a nation to support such retrograde measures such as torture. We should “restore American greatness by putting an end to these inappropriate (and ineffective) policies and following the Geneva Conventions”.


Bill Richardson points out that “attempting to deport 12 million illegal immigrants is not feasible or reasonable.”Instead, “a realistic immigration reform must address the problem from all sides: securing the border, penalizing employers for knowingly hiring illegal workers, offering a tough but reasonable path to legalization, engaging Mexico in the reform process, and improving our current immigration quota system.”

Richardson would restore the Clean Water Act, revive clean air standards, provide incentives for power plants to use cleaner fuels, and expand corporate reporting requirementsfor disclosure of toxic pollution. He wants the U.S. to be a clean energy nation like he made New Mexico a clean energy state. Richardson would also get back “to the international negotiating table” and support world-wide limits on global warming pollution.

Richardson for president campaign website: https://www.richardsonforpresident.com