DFC Endorses Alanna Hartzok for Congress

The Democratic Freedom Caucus (DFC) National Committee has endorsed Alanna Hartzok for Congress, 9th district, Pennsylvania.

Hartzok’s campaign platform is compatible with the DFC’s - especially her stands on economic issues, where her views are for an alternative to the usual left and right.

She recognizes that, for a healthy economy, with job creation and alleviation of poverty, it’s essential to uphold the basic principles that labor and production should not be penalized, and that natural resources are a unique kind of property that needs to be treated differently from other property, because otherwise it skews the entire economy. She is also for cutting corporate welfare.

According to an interview in the Daily American newspaper in Pennsylvania, Hartzok was asked by the Franklin County Democratic chairman if she would run for the Democratic nomination. She says there are ways to take ideas from both the right and the left, which could make our  democracy work better.

Hartzok points out that an important aspect of the state’s wealth is its gifts from nature, and that we have to fairly share those gifts. Environmental rules and regulatory rules need to be enforced.

She is in favor of a policy similar to the Alaska Permanent Fund, in which revenue related to the oil industry is invested and some of the revenue is paid as a dividend to the state’s residents.

In the Democratic primary, Hartzok was  unopposed, and won the primary.

Contact information for Alanna  Hartzok’s campaign:
Hartzok for Congress
Box 346 Scotland, PA 17254

If you send a campaign contribution, let the candidate know you were referred by the Democratic Freedom Caucus (DFC).

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