DFC endorses Mark Ludwig for Allegan County Michigan Drain Commissioner

As Drain Commissioner, Mark Ludwig would assess property owners based on services received – for example, if a property has a lot of soil runoff, and therefore causes more of a burden on the water system. That would be similar to treating the assessments as somewhat like a user fee for services.

That approach connects with the DFC Platform, which refers to the use of incentives: “For those essential services that need to be provided by government, we should attempt to introduce incentives for government efficiency.” Also related to that point, the description for the office of Drain Commissioner includes: “provide the most cost-effective operation and maintenance.” That again connects to the basic economic principle of incentives.

The DFC endorsed Mark in 2018 for Michigan state representative in the 80th district. He is the Regional Representative of the DFC for the Northeast Central Region.

The Drain Commissioner is responsible for: the system of county and inter-county storm drains, including maintenance of established lake levels and flood control structures; awarding contracts and securing financing for projects; administration of construction and/or financing of other infrastructure projects of local governmental units; as well as providing and assisting all parties in planning and developing ways to correct drainage sewer and water problems.


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