DFC Endorses Jim Wildoner for County Council

The Democratic Freedom Caucus (DFC) National Committee  has endorsed Jim Wildoner for County Council, District 3, Prince George’s County, Maryland.

On Wildoner’s campaign website it says: “Jim has adopted  the DEMOCRATIC FREEDOM CAUCUS platform
(www.democraticfreedomcaucus.org) because it generally states his political views on promoting social justice, individual liberty, constitutional democracy and fiscal responsibility.”

Wildoner has previously served as a Council Member for  New Carrollton, from 2003 to 2013, where he has held all positions on the council. He has a degree in Business Management and an MS in Finance.

Wildoner has indicated that he actually is not seeking endorsements for his campaign, because he wants voters to make up their own minds. “A Vote for Jim WILDONER for County Council will give you someone that is serving the  people (STP) not the government or special interest groups. Our campaign committee knows that when we receive 50.1% of the voters on June 24th then that will  be better ‘than 100% of the endorsements.”

Contact information for Jim Wildoner’s campaign:
P.O.Box 1244 Lanham, Md 20703.

online via Democracy.com:


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