DFC Endorses W. Lane Startin for Idaho State Treasurer

The Democratic Freedom Caucus (DFC) National Committee   has endorsed W. Lane Startin for Idaho State Treasurer.

Startin points out that what the incumbent state  treasurer did with “mortgage-backed securities” was  “irresponsible. A state treasury is not a hedge fund.   Investments should be in low-risk vehicles, especially  those with guaranteed rates of return.”

“In 2006, Idaho raised its sales taxes and cut its property taxes, a scheme which is proving to be  detrimental,” including its effect on encouraging harmful  land speculation. (The DFC agrees that decision was a  mistake. The DFC platform points out that it makes sense  to lower the property tax on buildings and improvements,  but the tax on the value of a location is similar to a  user fee for public services such as roads, police protection, schools, etc., which raise the value of land.  If that aspect isn’t there the result is large amounts  of land speculation, which leads to less job creation,   less affordable housing, and less affordable products  and services.)

As Startin notes, although the state treasurer doesn’t directly make decisions on such things as taxation, the person in that position can have an influence, by means  of having a “bully pulpit”.

Contact information for W. Lane Startin’s campaign:
W. Lane Startin for Idaho State Treasurer
1140 S. Phillippi St.  Boise, ID 83705-2621

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